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If you just searched online for someone to come and take away that old sofa you’ve just replaced then you’ll know it’s not as easy as it appears. There are various ways to dispose of an old sofa which for the main part will depend on the condition of the sofa. Sofa disposal can be tricky and if you’re not careful you may end in trouble.

1 Sell It

Obviously this one makes the most sense financially if your sofa is in good condition because you’re going to get someone to collect and take away your sofa and they’re also going to pay you; win-win. There are some drawbacks to look out for here though especially if you want that sofa gone quickly because your new one’s about to turn up and you haven’t got room for both. Advertising your sofa online is the fastest way to get attention but you may get enquiries from potential buyers who can’t come and check out the sofa for a few days. Probably the biggest local market for your sofa is ebay but unlike sites like Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace on ebay a buyer can win your auction or use the buy it now button and then keep you hanging around before they collect.

Donate It

Ok you’re not going to get any money out of this type of sofa disposal but you’ll get a warm glow from helping a charity and your sofa will get a new lease of life with a new owner. Plenty of charities will collect your sofa free of charge such as British Heart Foundation and Sue Ryder. Two things to consider here; your sofa will need to be sellable because charities have to turn their stock over quickly and just like any other seller they can’t sell a sofa that doesn’t have a fire label.

Check If The Council Will Collect It

Lots of councils provide a free or low-cost bulky waste collection like Wigan Council which is ideal as long as you don’t mind waiting and you can get the sofa outside. Most councils won’t allow their workers to enter a property to remove a sofa due to insurance issues and as these services are free or low-cost there tends to be long waiting times.

Take It To The Tip


Your local tip or household recycling centre is ideal if your old sofa has seen better days and you want it gone quickly. You are going to need a suitable vehicle to transport it and again, you’re going to have to get it outside, into the vehicle and back out at the other end. A word of caution her, beware of online adverts for a man and van doing tip runs because you can’t pay someone else to take something to the household tip, it’s illegal. Household recycling centres are there for house holders to take their waste to themselves and people with vans charging the public and then using household tips are a drain on the tax-payer’s wallet. These people are often challenged and asked where the waste came from and that’s going to be your address they’ll be giving out. Even worse, if they can’t use the local tip they may well fly-tip your sofa which adversely affects our local environment.

Pay a Company To Take It Away

Bulky Waste CollectionThis is probably the fastest and easiest way to dispose of a sofa because a professional company will send two people to remove your sofa from inside your home so no need for you to do any lifting and the company will provide the relevant Environment Agency document to prove that they’ll have the sofa recycled at a trade recycling plant. We operate a very popular Warrington sofa collection and disposal service and we also collect and recycle other bulky items like mattresses, fridge freezers and suites. Yes we do charge for the service but we provide a convenient and professional sofa collection leaving you free to get on with your day. We provide a Warrington rubbish service that’s fast, friendly and environmentally friendly.